Change of leadership at RMA

Michael Jahn-Kozma is new Chairman of the board

Michael Jahn-Kozma

Munich, May 22, 2024. RMA Risk Management & Rating Association e.V., the independent interest group for risk management, rating and crisis management in the German-speaking countries, elected Michael Jahn-Kozma as its new Chairman of the board in the most recent general meeting at the end of April 2024. Ralf Kimpel, long-time Chairman of the Executive Board, will lead the RMA Advisory Board in the future. Johannes Göllner completes the board as new elected member. The new treasurer of the RMA will be board member Brigitta John.

In the run-up to the Risk Management Congress (RMC) on May 13th and 14th, 2024 in Hamburg, the main meeting for all areas of risk management, rating and crisis management in the German-speaking countries, the RMA presented itself with a new board. Ralf Kimpel, who steered the organization’s fortunes as RMA Chairman for ten years and now serves as Chairman of the RMA Advisory Board, is succeeded by Michael Jahn-Kozma as Chairman of the RMA Executive Board.

Jahn-Kozma – a new role but a well-known face
The new Chairman may have taken on a new role, yet he is no stranger to the risk management world. Indeed, he has been involved in the RMA for many years – for example as a member of the board, as a regional manager and as a supervisor of the "ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and Sustainability Risk Management" working group. In addition, Jahn-Kozma has more than 30 years of professional experience in risk management at international level. He currently holds the position of Corporate Risk Manager at the robotics and automation company Kuka AG, where he is responsible for Group Risk Management. Previously, the business economist (VWA) and certified risk manager (Univ.) worked for the Airbus Group in the field of insurance risk management, and for around 20 years in the industrial insurance sector. "I have a clear idea of what my targets will be as the new Chairman of RMA and know how important the topic of risk management is in challenging times," points out Jahn-Kozma. And he adds: "I am particularly grateful that Ralf Kimpel with all his expertise will be staying with the RMA in the important function of Chairman of the Advisory Board."

Göllner joins board, John is new treasurer
At the end of April 2024, the General Assembly also elected Johannes Göllner as a new member of the RMA Board. Göllner, too, is a well-known face in the risk management sector, both inside and outside the RMA, not least through his function as head of the RMA "Supply Chain Risk Management" working group and his work as Chairman of the Board of the Zentrum für Risiko- & Krisenmanagement ZfRK (Center for Risk and Crisis Management) in Vienna. In addition, RMA board member Brigitta John was elected as treasurer of the association. "I am convinced that this new RMA management team will enable us to tackle the modern-day tasks facing our association in terms of risk management, rating and crisis management, and provide new inspiration," sums up Chairman Jahn-Kozma.

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About the RMA
The RMA Risk Management & Rating Association e.V. is the independent advocacy group for risk management, rating and crisis management in the German-speaking countries. Combining the former Risk Management Association e.V. (RMA) and Bundesverband der Ratinganalysten e. V. (BdRA), the association is an expert partner, an initiator and a first point of contact for information, for cross-company dialog and for the further development of risk management and rating. Staged every year, the Risk Management Congress is the association‘s internationally recognized symposium on risk management, rating and crisis management. Additional events round off the conference program. The subsidiary RMA Rating & Risk Academy GmbH offers seminars and webinars on current risk management and rating topics. The association is based in Munich. The chairman of the board is Michael Jahn-Kozma.

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